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Addiction Help

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Dependency Help Services

  • Suboxone Treatment

    Heroin overdose deaths have quadrupled!  Get help with Buprenorphine- proven safe and effective to reduce the risk of overdose and death, while eliminating symptoms of withdrawal that often lead to relapse. 

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    • Alcohol Dependency Rx

      Alcohol addiction destroys families for generations. Take control of your life now with proven, effective treatments. Commitment to sobriety starts with one phone call.

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      • Holistic Alternatives

        Successful treatment of drug addiction depends on healing the body and mind/brain.  Set yourself free from the struggles of addiction with healing strategies that help restore normal body function to reduce the damage done by drugs such as alcohol, narcotics, heroin, and tobacco.

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        Confidential and Caring Opioid and Alcohol Addiction Therapy

        Recent government restrictions to pain medications has caused a national epidemic of addiction! Deaths from heroine abuse quadrupled in 2015!

        Pain pill, opioid (narcotic and heroin), and alcohol dependency/addiction are huge problems that destroy lives and families.

        Millions of innocent Americans fall prey to these dependencies every year. Recovery from these addictions is difficult without help!

        Did you know that the average life expectancy of a drug addict is 7 years?

        Proven treatments including Buprenorphine/Naloxone, Disulfuram, and others combined with self help programs such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous can help you take your power back and live the life you deserve.

        Get the help you need today and start living the life you deserve!
        Dr. Riobe is certified in Office-Based Opioid and Alcohol Dependency Treatment and can provide you with customized treatments to help your recovery.

        According to the National Institutes of Health symptoms and behaviors of drug use include:

        • Confusion

        • Continuing to use drugs even when health, work, or family are being harmed

        • Episodes of violence

        • Hostility when confronted about drug dependence

        • Lack of control over drug abuse - being unable to stop or reduce alcohol intake

        • Making excuses to use drugs

        • Missing work or school, or a decrease in performance

        • Need for daily or regular drug use to function

        • Neglecting to eat

        • Not caring about physical appearance

        • No longer taking part in activities because of drug abuse

        • Secretive behavior to hide drug use

        • Using drugs even when alone

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